Maria Stangret-Kantor



Maria Stangret (1929-2020)  graduated from the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts in 1958. She was the wife and close collaborator of Tadeusz Kantor. She participated in all the undertakings of the Cricot2 Theater and happenings of Kantor. She is a member of the historical association "Grupa Krakowska". Most strongly associated with Cracow's Krzysztofory gallery and the Warsaw Foksal Gallery. She started with the informel painting: the series Continental Landscapes (1959-60), and several paintings from this series were repainted in the 90's. The artist presented her works at many individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. In the 1960s, she focused on the happening. Since the 1980s, the artist has been creating a series of works called Hommage - a tribute to people whose thoughts, life and work have special meaning for her, for example Tadeusz Kantor, Anna Frank, Sergiusz Jesienin and others.




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