Maja Kitajewska



Maja Kitajewska graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She graduated from the Faculty of Painting in 2011. That same year she participated in the exhibition of the Best Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts, and she became a laureate of the SIEMENS artistic award and the “ENTRY” initiative prize.


Individual exhibitions:

2017 24 Karat, Galeria Szydłowski, Warsaw

2015 Pod Skórą, Galeria Bardzo Biała, Warsaw

2014 OUTCAST, Szara Kamienica Gallery, Krakow

2013 Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice, Promotional Gallery, Warsaw

2012 The last one turns off the light, Young Forum of Art Gallery, Lublin

            Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what will happen to you, Galeria m², Warsaw


Selected collective exhibitions:

2015 Malarki, Galeria Biała, Lublin

           Afterimages, Galeria Sokół, Nowy Sącz

2014 Galeria Biała, Lublin

2012 Open - Szamborski and graduates, Gallery (-1), Warsaw

2011 COMING OUT - Najlepsze Dyplomy ASP, Sinfonia Varsovia, Warszawa / katalog / Exhibition of finalists of the competition for the Artistic Award Siemens 2011, Salon of the Academy, Wawa Exhibition of Diplomas, Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Warsaw




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