Jolanta Owidzka



Jolanta Owidzka (1927 – 2020) studied at the College of Fine Arts in Cracow and at the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1945-1950. She obtained her diploma in 1952 in a textile department under the supervision of professor Eleonora Plutyńska. Between 1952-1957 she worked at the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw. She worked with Danuta Szarras on the theme of "The role of fabric in the contemporary interior of the apartment." From 1952, she took an active part in artistic life, she belonged to a group of artists who initiated new trends in Polish fiber art. In 1962, at the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne, she took part in an exhibition of Polish artists, which contributed to the popularization of the Polish fabric art in the world. She conducted pedagogical activity in her studio in Warsaw and at universities in the United States, the Netherlands, Israel and Japan. She participated in prestigious international exhibitions, she made fifty monumental fabrics for interiors of public buildings.



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