Jan Dobkowski



He practices painting, drawing, spatial arrangements and other forms of artistic expression. He graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1968 under the direction of Jan Cybis. Together with J. Zieliński, he founded the Neo-Neo-Neo Group in 1965. Poster-like aesthetic of Dobkowski, which consists of a flat, ornamental form, unbalanced stain in sharp primary colors (mostly red and green) and the characteristic, decorative flexibility of lines and contours was born partly from the desire to reject the experience of colourism, but also under the clear influence of art and the revival of secession in the late 1960s. Dobkowski's art is also characterized by the symbolism of content, permeating his entire work, the freely treated idea of panbiologism, eternal variability of nature, the struggle of two genders and opposites. The decoratively interpreted theme of eroticism distinguishes it in Polish art. Dobkowski is also the author of subtle drawings inspired by the mannerist A. Beardsley, interesting outdoor shows, as well as colourful spatial compositions from perspex. Dobkowski created interesting cycles Treny, Icarus, Genesis and Pamukale returning to the motifs and painting resources always present in his work, and quiet and intimate watercolors from the Ocean series (to 90's).

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