Gallery exists since 1996, it’s prehistory was Gallery Library in Legionowo (1990-1994), being a part of the institution run by Stefan Szydlowski. Back then he has formed close relationships with artists such as Erna Rosenstein, Edward Krasinski and Koji Kamoji who not only repeatedly participated in exhibitions in the Gallery Library, but also had an impact on the choice of other artists collaborating later with the Gallery Szydlowski. It's still in the Gallery Library that took place historical exhibitions such as Ping-Pong by Edward Krasinski (1993), or Haiku Water by Koji Kamoji (1994). Szydlowski Gallery was officially opened with an exhibition of works by Koji Kamoji in Warsaw at Ratuszowa Street 5A. It had its headquarters there since 1996 to 2007. During that period, it held over 60 exhibitions. Since 2007, the gallery is located at ul. Filtrowa 30 in Warsaw.


Gallery program focuses on contemporary Polish classics such as Erna Rosenstein and Wojciech Fangor and combines established artists from the younger generation. Gallery represents the heritage and archive of Wojciech Fangor, a key figure in contemporary art after 1945 in Poland, but also on a global scale. Gallery issued a number of catalogues devoted to the work of Wojciech Fangor, Maria Stangret-Kantor and Stefan Krygier among others.


It is an art consulting institution, working with curators and critics, with experienced exhibition technicians and galleries and museums that are well-deserved for Polish culture.



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