Among Friends


29 June - 17 August 2018


Opening Reception    29 June  6 – 9 pm



The exhibition ‘Among Friends’ testifies of the personal friendships between Stefan Szydłowski and the presented the artists, revealing the primary roots of the Gallery. The principal purpose is to show artists who were involved with the Gallery since the beginning, who knew each other and were friends. In the first room there are works of Koji Kamoji, Edward Krasiński and Edward Narkiewicz, as a reminder of their regular meetings with Stefan Szydłowski at Henryk Stażewski’s studio (nowadays ‘Institute of Avant-garde’ in Warsaw). The second room is dedicated to selected key-figures in the Polish abstract painting, such as Wojciech Fangor, Stefan Gierowski, Zbigniew Gostomski, Aleksandra Jachtoma and Jan Tarasin. Works of Tomasz Tatarczyk, who was close to all these artists although representing an original artistic position of his own, are placed in the space connecting the two main rooms.


All the artists mentioned above took part in exhibitions at the Szydłowski Gallery many times in the past. This list is, however, voluntarily excluding some of the artists who greatly contributed to our history because we will dedicate to them separate, thematic shows: respectively, in September – Andrzej Szewczyk, in December – Erna Rosenstein and, in February – Ryszard Winiarski.


On the 29th of June 2018 we are showing works that until now were very rarely or even not at all exhibited, such as objects of Edward Krasiński, two special paintings of Koji Kamoji and works of Tomasz Tatarczyk. Last, but not least, the exhibition has a strong symbolic value while opening a new chapter in the Gallery's history, since it is the inauguration of the new space at Wspólna Street 53 in Warsaw. Those friendships last through time and – as invisible forces – they accompany our projects.



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