Erna Rosenstein



She was born in Lviv in 1913 and died in 2004 in Warsaw. She studied painting, first at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (in 1932-33), and then in Cracow (in 1933-36). Former member of the artistic association "Grupa Krakowska", she participated in all the most important exhibitions of the group. She was also a participant of many other significant presentations of contemporary artistic avant-garde. She showed her works - paintings, drawings, magical items - at about thirty individual exhibitions. She has repeatedly represented Polish art at major international exhibitions such as International Salon in Monte Carlo (1964, 1965), Surreal Painting and Fantasy Salon at the Art Biennale in Sao Paulo (1965), Edinburgh Art Festival (1969, 1978). She was a laureate of many awards and distinctions, including the Krytyka Award, C. K. Norwid Award in 1976 and the Cybis Award in 1996. She published volumes of poems: "Ślad" (Czytelnik, 1972), "Spoza granic mowy" (Czytelnik, 1976), "Wszystkie ścieżki" (Wydawnictwo literackie, 1979), "Czas" (PIW, 1986), "Z archiwum "(Biblioteka Publiczna Legionowo, 1993),"Jeszcze z archiwum"(Galeria Rzeźby, 1994).



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